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Номер: 1
Год: 2015
Страницы: 99-104
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The article reviews the main trends in the evolution of market research, approaches to special scientific and practical modeling and worked actively relevant aspects of their problems.The purpose of the article is to study and inv estigate species and modeling techniques used in mark eting research.The basis of marketing research modeling is to develop necessary measures to adapt the company (current or prospective) in the market according to the needs of consumers to achieve the objectives to meet those needs with a focus on high technology and ethical standards of considering that meet consumer needs must be more efficient than the competition. Scientific works of foreign and domestic scientists who have made significant contributions to modeling market research were considered. As a result of these studies considered quite successful use different techniques in marketing based on model designs, and calculation formulas used in carrying out market research, design, distribution channels, pricing policies and the study of consumer behavior. We studied a comprehensive model of marketing research, qualitative and quantitative models, athematical model, which is a mathematical description of the studied economic process or object, and verbal model by which marketers try to uncover the true feelings of consumers, based on the conclusions made in choosing options for advertising illustrations for brochures, pictures on the package of subjects for promotional videos. It was investigated that the object modeling in marketing, with potentially infinite variety of relationships with the environment, though they are characterized by a set of “inputs” that creates or selects registration researcher.The result depends on the arsenal of measurement tools and opportunities for their use, methods of collection and processing of marketing information, the influence of the researcher on the “black box”. Need to use model “black box” arises when dealing with the processes occurring in the environment or facility management of its operations, while the description of which we can't use information about the internal structure of the process.Thus, the article outlines directions for further research, based on modeling of mark eting research in the region.We believe that our proposed methods and models provide more efficient conduct market research by aligning the respective functions and nature of the necessary information to make appropriate management decisions.


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